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конкурс по продвижению ресурса в интернете

An internet company announces a competition for the vacant position of Web Presence Optimization.

1. General
1.1 Objective
Create a fictional person, group and business to show one’s ability to gather people and create a web presence. This competition will focus on Facebook and a blog on blogger.com matching the business created on Facebook. This competition is to test candidate’s imagination, creativity, marketing and writing skills. This work is to be done remotely and requires high self organization and to follow predefined timelines and milestones. The most performant candidate will be selected for an interview to determine if he is fit to be part of our SEO team.

1.2 Essential job requirements
Experience: online and web-socializing, writing, Internet, web-search
English & Russian: advanced/native written/oral. Other languages are a plus.
Good oral and written communication skills. Good copywriting and grammar skills. Ability to understand and find the ways to meet people’s needs. Ability to listen well and work as a team member. Pleasant personality. Potential to work independently or with minimal supervision. Self-starter who seeks out opportunities.
Emotional control, smooth relation with other employees, focus on the task and on results. Follow a goal, an ambition, and hard work for long term. Grow with our company.
Problem solving, suggestions, innovation; good imagination & creative thinking. Working in harmony other persons towards a common goal.
Information technology: Windows XP or above; MS Office, PGP, Pidgin and OTR, MSN, ICQ, other IM, FTP, Notepad++, Internet Explorer 7, Firefox, Google Chrome, Adobe Reader/ Nitro PDF.

2 Test task
2.1 Objective
Each candidate must create a public User Profile in a Social Network - www.facebook.com, to fill it in so to make an impression of a real personality and maintain its activity. The information and activities in the Profile are to be in English.
2.2 Structure
Basic information for the Profile
Personal information
• First name
• Last name
• Addresses
• Telephone numbers
• Email
• IM Address
• Website
• Birthdate
• Photos
• the User must get around 1000 people within one week
• Main topic
• Discussions around the topic
• Related Photos & Videos
• Links to websites, videos, photos etc.
• Other content
• Participants (should be not less than half of User’s friends)

2.3 Tools
Internet Explorer 7 /FireFox / Google Chrome / Opera

2.4 Deadline
Competition ends on June 15, each contestant will have one week to show his results.
Send your CV to: seo-operator-competition@ucilia.com.